ÊKHÔ Sport undertakes to comply with supervision and safety standards.

Our philosophy

The social inclusion of deaf and hard-of-hearing children is at the heart of our concerns. That's why ÊKHÔ Sport intends to introduce them to the practice of sport. sport (football) to encourage them to unleash their potential, develop their full potential and strengthen their social dynamism.

With this in mind, every person associated with our ASBL represents this philosophy, whether directly or indirectly.

ÊKHÔ Sport's house rules are an integral part of the youth training plan.

All players are expected to behave and look after themselves as good sportsmen and women, both on and off the pitch.

We offer parents the following guarantees as to the quality of the supervision provided:

- A childcare project aimed at the child's overall well-being
- The development of autonomy, socialisation and civic values
- Children's physical development

Personal belongings, loss and theft 

The loss, damage or theft of clothing is not covered. Furthermore, bringing foreign objects and valuables (jewellery, toys, money, mobile phones, etc.) is forbidden and no insurance covers their loss or theft.


ÊKHÔ Sport has civil liability, property damage and physical injury insurance covering all participants (children and activity leaders). This insurance is renewed every year.