Since 2022, ÊKHÔ Sport has set up a collaboration with mainstream and special schools. This enables pupils from these partner schools to take part in the extracurricular activities and extracurricular with the association. The activities give deaf children the opportunity to participate and meet other children, and at the same time give hearing children the chance to be better understood. aware to the handicap of deafness. Through these collaborations, ÊKHÔ Sport also focuses part of its efforts on familiarising hearing children with the world of sports. sign language. The idea? To get them used to signs that are useful for communicating in the field or at events.

To take its approach even further, ÊKHÔ Sport has produced a Bilingual educational comic in sign language and Frencha collaboration with the Centre Francophone de la Langue des Signes de Belgique (CFLS).

This comic strip tells the real-life story of the deaf nephew of ÊKHÔ Sport's founder, Georges Kapin Tame, and highlights the project's educational approach, which aims to breaking the language barrier between the hearing and deaf and hard-of-hearing public through sport to create a social cohesion.

Activities and prices 

The cost of school-based activities is 30€ per student for the academic year (participants benefit from all ÊKHÔ Sport teaching materials during the activities).

The comic book is available at the price of 5€. The purchase of the comic book is not compulsory, but highly recommended, in order to motivate participants to get involved, so that they feel valued and understand the importance of creating social cohesion. This educational comic book will accompany ÊKHÔ Sport's inclusive activities in mainstream and special schools, and is aimed at anyone aged 7 and over.

Who is it for? 

The activities are designed for deaf, hard-of-hearing, dysphasic and hearing pupils. from age 7.

The ASBL is open to all and promotes cultural and social diversity, as well as gender non-discrimination activities are designed to for boys as for girls.

In addition to the activities offered at school, our pupils can also take part in our inclusive events organised in collaboration with football clubs and sports facilities, as well as our sports discovery days, which put inclusion at the heart of the experience.

We work in partnership withAPEDAF and CFLS to offer sign language awareness and initiation sessions.

Liability insurance

Participants and instructors are affiliated and insured by the French-speaking Handisport League.

Disciplines taught by ÊKHÔ Sport in schools

Skills covered

Collective play, without the ball, stoppage phases and learning technical moves are taught using the principle of the "game of the ball". 4AS " : Activation, Learning, Amusement, Attitude. Atmosphere fun and kind guaranteed! All registrations guarantee free access to all our events outside school.


Cardiogoal is a football variant which can help children to stimulate their motor development, coordination and endurance. It can also help them develop a sense of fair play, a sense of belonging and self-confidence, and prepare them better for future matches.

This is a mixed team sport inspired by annual fire brigade test and different sports such as handball or American football. It is accessible to everyone, including children from the age of 2, and can be played on different types of pitch.

This project was developed in collaboration with the French Federation of CARDIOGOALchaired by Mr. Ludovic Wampouillecreator of this discipline.

Sports equipment

We provide the activity leaders with the equipment they need for the activity. For their part, we ask the children to bring soft clothing and football boots for the hall and the artificial pitch. They will be given a T-shirt and a connected watch to return after each activity.

Why partner with ÊKHÔ Sport? 

For ÊKHÔ Sport, creating lasting partnerships with schools, clubs, federations and sports structures is crucial to promoting the social inclusion of young deaf and hard-of-hearing sportspeople. We encourage cultural and social exchanges through sport, both in Belgium and abroad.


The aim of our partnerships is to create links and set up networks, facilitate the sharing of knowledge locally and internationally, raise awareness of disability through sport and provide overall support for our initiative. In practical terms, our objectives are to :

  • Connecting the structures that support our initiative (local authorities, grassroots players, citizens, etc.)
  • Encourage exchanges and meetings (not only at local level but also at cross-border level)
  • Develop activities to enable the various partners to exchange information and good practice
  • Organise electronic exchanges, visits and workshops linked to football (directly or indirectly) and social integration.