ÊKHÔ Sport shares the values of Fair Play

ÊKHÔ Sport shares the values of Fair-Play quoted below and supports the Panathlon Wallonie Bruxelles in sound work to reinforce these values, because together we're stronger!


Fair Play defines the fair and honest behaviour of every sportsperson in the context of their sporting activities. But more than that, Fair-Play encompasses all the positive human and social values associated with it, and is undeniably a beacon, an essential reference point for everyone in their personal development and their commitment to our society.

Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles has been defending and promoting these values on a daily basis for 20 years now, on and around the sporting, educational and civic arenas.

- So that Fair Play becomes a state of mind for all players and, by extension, all citizens.

- So that these values are understood as a genuine component of education in sport and life in society.

- And to make the most of the positive values of sport as a vehicle for civic values

More info : www.panathlon.be


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