Extracurricular activities

For whom 

These activities are designed for deaf, hard-of-hearing and dysphasic children. from age 7But hearing children are also welcome.

The ASBL is open to all and promotes cultural and social diversity, as well as gender non-discrimination activities are designed to for boys as for girls.

Where and when

Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm Rue des Griottes 26 - 1180 Uccle.

Football training sessions

Part 1 Warm-up
Part 2 Activation
Part 3 Intermediate training
Part 4 : Match
Part 5 : Cool down

Skills covered

Team play, playing without the ball, learning technical skills, putting the ball back into play, stoppage phases... we explore all aspects of football through the "4AS : Activation, Learning, Fun, Attitude. All in a fun and friendly environment!


We organise courses during the school holidays (Carnival, Easter, July, August). 

A typical day

07.30am - 8.45am

Doors open. The child enters accompanied by an adult and greets the person keeping the attendance register. Respect the hours

 The activity begins.



Snacks and free games.

  Business resumed.



Lunch, followed by free play and/or rest.

Tidying up the games and setting up groups of children. 



Business resumed.

 Snacks and free games.



The nursery doors open. The child leaves his/her bag in the area allocated to his/her group and is free to play outside, weather permitting. The adult picking up the child greets the person in charge of reception, asks how the day is going and consults the notice boards where all the information for the week is displayed.

Parents arrive for the last time.



Closing the doors.

Internal and external activities

Activities organised during the year :

  • Discovery days
  • Visits to professional football clubs (infrastructure)
  • Watching football matches
  • Visits or meetings with the Belgian national team for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Meetings with some professional players
  • Training sessions led by a professional player or football manager
  • Participation in a football tournament